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Thread for DPS - Arms Warrior information.
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Guide to Arms DPS

1. Mastery
2. Strength
3. Versatility
4. Haste
5. Crit

1. Dauntless
2. Double Time (Shockwave for mythic+)
3. Avatar (single target) / Fervor of Battle (multi)
In Emerald Nightmare it's pretty much always best to simply go for single target damage at the moment. Maybe on mythic that will change but for the most part due to rapid cds you'll get more from focusing on single target.

4. Bounding Stride/Defensive Stance (if you're taking too much damage)
5. Focused Rage
6. Deadly Calm
7. Anger Management

There is an overpower, in for the kill, trauma, and opportunity strikes build that works really well too and follows generally the same concepts. However, trauma is pretty worthless because you wont be hitting slam often enough so even then I would suggest deadly calm (especially because of execute phase where you can spam huge executes without stopping except for col smash procs).

Opening Rotation:
Charge>Focused Rage/CDs immediately after charge
Colossus Smash>Focused Rage
Mortal Strike>Focused Rage
Warbreaker>Focused Rage (be sure to get this in while Battle Cry is active)

From here the rotation is based on Tactician procs and rage.

Throughout any fight you will be spamming Focused Rage almost incessantly (unless there is a lot of aoe, like 4+ targets), provided you aren't at 3 stacks (yes, this does mean staring at the buff to make sure, no I don't use an add-on. If I did it would be: tell me when).

The only time the use of Slam is acceptable is if you are over 45 Rage or have Battle Cry running. Obviously if battle cry is running you will spam as many Slams and Focuses as possible (this includes if you are at 3 stacks of Focused Rage due to the lowering cd timer and tactician chances).

The priority for Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike is as follows:
Colossus Smash>Mortal Strike when the Shattered Defenses buff is inactive. If it is up Mortal strike before using colossus smash again if it happens to proc from tactician even if it means wasting a proc due to it procing again. To waste a Colossus Smash when you could Mortal Strike means a possible dps drought where you're spamming focused rage and nothing else is procing.

Keep in mind: Warbreaker also procs Shattered Defenses. Warbreaker takes priority over colossus smash when the colossus smash debuff is active on the target (obviously if Shattered Defenses is already up use it before hitting Warbreaker).

That being said, If mortal strike comes up without a Colossus Smash or the Shattered Defenses buff active, use the mortal strike regardless of focused rage stacks. Focused Rage matters little to the actual use of mortal strike. Simply use Mortal Strike whenever possible.

Execute is only used in a very specific way with this build. If Battle Cry is active or if you have 70+ rage (always use it over slam). Other wise continue the normal rotation; it uses far too much rage compared to it's overall damage when used with less than the maximum extra rage use than mortal strike will provide.

3 targets, WW instead of slam with 50+ Rage with the cleave buff (just don't slam) Use Blade Storm with cds active.

4+ targets WW almost entirely cleave when possible. Blade Storm when able when cleave is on cd and it's buff has been used.

If you have Fervor of Battle be sure to colossus smash. Always drop Warbreaker.
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